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Líderes en Medicina Personalizada

Genómica Médica is the leading laboratory in Personalized Medicine in Mexico. We offer DNA tests in saliva for genetic-risk assessment to common diseases, response prediction to commonly-used medications, and diagnosis of genetic diseases.

Our multidisciplinary group of professionals, with more than twenty years of experience in scientific research, develops high-quality innovation with cutting-edge technologies, offering personalized diagnoses and recommendations for health care.

We work under a robust code of ethics to meet the needs of our clients with accurate diagnoses, human warmth, and a professional approach.

An individual’s genetic code is the equivalent of a map that helps to define their body’s abilities, anticipate risks of disease, or predict the response to certain medications – even before taking them. At Genómica Médica, we help you to have a healthier life through our DNA studies that are carried out in a confidential, accurate, fast, and accessible with the support and guarantee of our ample scientific experience and cutting-edge technology.

We invite you to select the ideal test for yourself. We analyze your DNA from a few cells from your mouth. It is easy, fast, and painless. Receive your kit, take your sample, and we will process it. Our specialists will help you design personalized lifestyles so you can live better.

At Genómica Médica, we innovate to help you and your loved ones to enjoy a healthier and happier life.

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